Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yawn at Zoo/Happenings in Photography world.(post no 93)

There were talk of lenses. If u go on shooting/clicking regularly,there are chances that u shoot sometimes with wide angle of ur camera or zooming it to telephoto....The above example is from Nikon D40x and Sigma 70-300 lens set to 200mm. The tiger was 25ft away inside a zoo. I was clicking on his moods...As he opened mouth for yawn, it as a good shot. Tripod is not possible as other people are also on the move around u to have a look of the king of jungle with children more excited....''See papa...oh mummy....there he is'', Papa ''there he comes....look'' and they are on the run as the animal moves with his grand gait, not minding them--as he has become habitual of daily 'darshan'.....Yea he obliges. Shutter speed 1/200 at f5.6, ISO 400.

HAPPENINGS:::::1) Polaroid is developing a new DIGITAL camera.  That will deliver instant prints. Wait-this year end. POLAROID had launched its instant print out Polaroid camera in before 3 decades...Was very useful for viewing instant prints in commercial studios before a final take, the lighting arrangement/sitting of person,model etc. Was good for tourist places delivering the tourists instants print outs, eliminating the role of noting down addresses of people,taking money and sending prints to destinations within a specified period.

2)  Italian tripod maker, Manfrotto has brought out Photography jackets and photo vests for women, called the Lino range.....Check at the nearby dealer,ladies. Most helpful in Safaries, outdoor shooting/photowalks.

3) In the first half of 2012, Japanese sale of Mirrorless cameras (ILCCs) was as below:

a) Olympus---30.7%
b) Panasonic---29.6%
c) Nikon---17.8%
d) Sony---15.4%
e) Pentax---5.9%
f) Others---0.6%

They may be the cameras of future..However, I doubt, as the technologies are changing every other day. AND what may be the next design of DSLRs/ILCCs.

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