Sunday, May 20, 2012

Macro Photography, Easy Tools---(Post No.70).

Previously also you have seen 'macro' shots put up here....there are variety of subjects, immediately close to you or away, where you have to go according to lighting situations...e.g. in summer, the noon is a difficult time...or in the evenings when temperature exceeds 40 degree Celsius....Rains and winter are good months for macros.

In India we have the benefit of round the year sunlight in comparison to Europe or other western countries.....Besides MACRO photography is one of the easiest subjects, which can be practised anywhere, if you have patience and eye for detail...The subjects may be leaves with textured details, insects, flowers and their stamens in local park, your kitchen gardens, which many photographers rear to have regular look for different insects.....

For beginners,student of photography, enthusiast learners, the useful tools, I like for MACRO photograhy are, EXTENSION TUBES, LENS REVERSAL RING, CLOSEUP LENS FILTER, (Macro lens is a costly affair unless you are a regular macro photographer)....Besides above, the compacts, and Prosumer d.cameras which have 1cm to 3cm focusing capability....and the Kit lens of a DSLR having 5" focus with 3" of coverage area....Later you can magnify more your subject in your computer or laptop in Photoshop.

More to tell .......this time I again chose an indoor object with focusing on mono of the watch, with a different angle and side lighting with a good contrast of yellow and white....Just try.

Expo: 1/40, f2.8, ISO 100.

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