Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birds-photographing is not easy.

Tamed birds are easier to photograph....or if you visit 'Bird Sancturies', with your tele-zoom/lens, you can find good pictures as the birds are within the reach of your cameras's tele end, since they are habitual of humans watching them....Next is their perching place....They can be found on tree branches, on the ground, on walls, on electric pole or wires...In this way they are moody.....One photo I recently watched was the the stork making its nest on the electric pole and the pic was from Greece.....Yeaa, the home-bird as 'Goraiyya' makes its nest on the upper portion of your ceiling fan in verandah....I keep water and rice or beans on the boundary wall but they do not come....hahaha, there is the inevitable danger of the Pussy Cats, who frequent the places outside homes. The birds also fear their life.....In the picture, the two mates came on the boundary wall of a nearby house....still they were away from my 300mm. I shot pictures as above, but had to crop them, in order to magnify them.....The background is not natural, as u can imagine the position of boundary wall....There is another house.....The exposure is a problem with light colour boundary wall and bird's dark face...Therefore I manage with Aperture priority, plus EV + or -........Just try.

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