Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not to be specific....shoot full.

We are generally feel it obligatory to focus on only one subject.....This is natural as in Portraits, Flowers, Birds.Wildlife,Still life,even Sunrise and Sunsets......While sometimes picture offers good opportunity to capture it in full, as there are lot of elements, necessary to be shown from a wide thinking point of view....Yeaa, we cannot ignore the full atmosphere before us, when we have camera in our hand.  On this spot, as I saw, lot of people had cameras and mobiles and clicking the near and dear ones.....To capture the shot in wide view will help u to remember the whole scene, whether you were on motor boat, on cruise, or on the boats, even when you see it even after 10 years....

The picture had a  lot of important elements, as the guys in the foreground, just enjoying, people  moving for fun on the platform, ladies and gents, the waiting persons for motorboats in coloured jackets, left side orange, right side green, the motorboat approaching the platform, the cruise too coming to its halt, more boats in the lake and coloured boats in foreground......it is an evening shot, so the picture depicts dull atmosphere, with ready -to-rain clouds....There is the balance in composition with the coming motorboat at left and cruise at right--foreground to middle-the stationary boats & people and the dark sky above centres the attention in the middle, interestingly the far city horizon also an important part of story.

Exposure: 1/60, f5.6, ISO 800.

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