Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dust-storm Sunset.

Sunset is an excellent subject for all photographers....Yes I include you too the new camera persons and I feel you too do not miss it when you go for travelling on holidays as summer vacations, vacations in December and for some it is round the year. It is a subject of Nature photography...Sunsets give the exceptional look with water i.e. rivers, lakes, sea etc. Even good photographs are taken with small and large ponds.....Many people do not have this approach. But you cannot avoid sunsets in plains, or distant hills, mountains, moreso with great bunch of trees...haha..any good location will work, as long as you try to achieve good colours the atmosphere renders when the GREAT LORD is at the horizon in the evening.....include the clouds, spreading between good sunrays...Best of all, good closeups are also essential as you have some long focal length lens.....However, as you have computer or laptop, try in low ISO (YOUR MANUAL SAYS THAT THE ISO RATINGS) and crop the image as a magnification of sole sun, so you can enjoy a full view of sun with yellow, orange, red colours...if cloudline is there, far better.

The picture above was taken in a duststorm occured in March covering mainly north India....The sun made a good halo effect.....I made it slightly more colourful so you can have a gaze at it...hahaha....Light was dull, therefore I kept  my camera on Av mode.which read very slow speed for the atmosphere and the sun, the aperture too was wide enough.

Expo. 1/60, f 4.8, ISO 200

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