Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flower with fire......?

Last month I have gone through an article to lighten the flowers with an edge over normal shooting. This indicated using an off camera flash, which will be throw light from back....creating rim lighting effect, thus keeping the subject detached from the background....Yes this technique is effective in many types of photography. You must have observed the good effect of side lighting or backlighting from the high powered halogens on stages, be of marriage, or of theatre...Good examples can be viewed in TV serials using two to three types of lighting.

Here the flower, though not backlighted on the petals, but has a fiery effect in the middle,bright orangish instead of whole pink, which is the natural colour of flower....I took this picture three months back and while reviewing, I found the total different effect we generally see when photographing flowers from front.....Only thing was that THE FLOWER WAS SLIGHTLY UNDEREXPOSED ON MY AUTO SETTING....There was half portion of wall in the background and half flower leaves. Since the flower was underexposed the leaves took to dark while the wall white-grey was distracting the attention. Therefore I used vignette effect on the photoshop. The result is almost full attention in the middle to the beautiful pink edges.

Expo: 1/100, f.2.8, ISO 200.

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