Thursday, August 29, 2013


Panchakshari Pakados:  Most tasty in breakfasts, in the evenings, evenings of rainy season, Pakoda's (or Bhajiya) are most famous amongst masses all over India......The Hotel Management Admn,, Restaurants regularly publish their brochures and this can be one of the items, u may hv to photograph. Magazine/Newspaper people do need them for publications.

These Pakodas include 5(panch) ingrediants - Hari Mirch (meant for pakados), gobhi, pyaz, aaloo, gilki mixed with besan (gram flour)....and ate with or without chutneys made of tomato, dhania, pudina, or tomato sauce.......yummy, yummy....Ask the next door Dietcian.....? Just taste them.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dancer in a pose.....(post no.116).

Her pose is matching with design in the bg to some extent.....These are Kalbelia dancers from Rajasthan and have gorgeous color designed dresses with their own designers.
Shot by Nikon D3000, 70-300 Sigma zoom lens during her fast continue.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Daily hot topics.---ONION (post no.115).

Just be in touch with the daily news items on TV and newspapers.....In June, July the Kedarnath havoc made the news and left scars in thousands of people. If u were lucky enough to catch some of the photos of that calamity, u cud contact the newspapers/TV channels to get your photo published, as there were lots of pix taken by people suffered by their mobiles and they made great news all around. If somebody was helped by seeing ur photographs, they wud hv been most obliged to u, giving them a new lease of life.

2. Now the news reigns is of 'onion', which is making it difficult for ruling party to answer to people for its price hike. In 1998, Atal Bihari Vajpai got the negative mendate from people in election on this small piece of daily consumption by rich and the poor, as the rate unfortunately touched Rs.100/- per kg. The time has also come for the congress govt as it is unable to check the rising prices of this small item which has gone upto Rs.80/-.....This is also a matter of photo-journalism, to awake the people and understand their rights. Your pix of ''pyaz'' (onion), taken in different ways may give u opportunity to get them published in newspapers. The people's reaction wud be tremendous.

3. I have shot the above pic of pyaz being played as a sports ball by a housewife......The idea behind this is that the onion will be available in 'sports' shops rather than in 'vegetable' shops and will be helpful to pass time by playing with it, So keep ears alert and eyes sharp daily with camera ready to shoot general shots as well as conceived ones, which will give more creativity to ur thinking and a demand from newspapers editors, once u become popular with a bit of original thinking.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Journalism pic.-Digvijay Singh--Opportunities in Journalism.(post no.114).

This is my fav pic of Shri Digvijay Singh, took when he was CM of MP......There is a lot to earn name and fame in Journalism photography, also called photo-journalism....If u r young and wish to do some extra creative work, there r opportunities in TVs, Newspapers, Magazines, where the pictures are sought every minute, with what is happening in society, in Cities, towns, villages. In politics, films, fashion, Sports,society and lots of other fields. There is demand of fresh photographs of happenings in these fields, so the public cud be kept uptodate. A day's delay, makes the picture old & out of market, particularly in Newspapers, where there is great competitions to publish the latest pic and who wins the race gets the highest of circulation and more credit, more money.

2) FOR MAGAZINES, U CAN GET SOME TIME AND WORK ON THE NEWS AND PICTURES as there is a fixed date for publication, may be weekly, fortnightly, and monthly. So good chances of earning money once you get high praise in the Editor's eye AND be a regular columnist for their papers with pictures accompanied with news tag lines.

3) In TVs u see daily reporting from different areas by video news channel persons going place to place of interest and places of recent happenings and, besides where they cannot reach, ur shooting pix even with ur camera phones will get u good opportunities of getting jobs there, as they wish to appoint people in areas their reach is not possible, may be becoz lack of staff or time to cover up the stories.If u choose glamour field, u can cover up those places, where celebs are there. Now everywhere fashion shows are held round the year. There are reality shows auditions to cover. A lots of cultures programmes await the journalists, photo-journalists to report them to newspapers, magazines, TV news channels. THE APPROACHES ARE the opportunities.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Friendship Day.

Happy Friendship all photo caring people, may be beginners, students, amateurs etc.