Sunday, December 29, 2013

Still Life.......(post no.125).

With ordinary things, a still life photo can be made in color and b&w....In color still life, the placement of color object is important, more important is balancing the objects.

I cud fill the bowl with other vegs, but giving importance individually, they look separately is good....The bowl contains three colors vegs--red-orange, green cucumber and dark purple brinjal.....The last two colors are tolerable at their place but the attention is caught by red apple as in pictures, red is most strong color, giving strength, stimulation etc. Then naturally others get less vale in composition. However, to give balance to red I put the knife opposite the eyes naturally move out of bowl and knife looks ready to chop them off...Still I feel, for ur information, If I had red handle knife, that wud hv given competition to the apple.

It is still interesting to understand the basics of still life photography. Here I present b&w of above, that will go for more appreciation as monotoned pic having good in composition as there are no eye-holding colors. That is the difference in color and b&w photography. However, u decide urself,which one u like?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

X'mas carol singing (post no.124).

There were lots of enjoyment on this X'mas.....celebrations at homes (above), in hotels, resorts.....However wherever u photograph, inclusion of Santa is a must, otherwise hotel dancing can go round the year on all occasions.....In the pic above, I feel, the boy's presence in front is a great tribute as he himself was enjoying and singing, and came abruptly in front of the camera, while I was aiming at Santa. Next, his half head presence add depth to the picture, otherwise, if he was missing there, the picture u cud assess from Santa to the right girl, a plain shot with celebrating, singing carol songs.

IN PHOTOGRAPHY, THINGS HAPPEN unexpectedly  may add a perspective effect too while u are unaware. Thus clicking is a pleasure all the time.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Reflection as subject..(post no.123).

Reflection itself can make a great subject.....however adding a bit different color, gives it a different feel...though trees at sides were more 28mm.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welding.....(post no.121).

Even on roads such scenes are common....However this is in a factory....such big sparks come there easily as bigger items are welded.....I had to give an exposure which will catch the welding sparks and the shadow of worker in an original atmosphere....1/30 at f5.6....28-200 Sigma lens hand held.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Food stuff photography. (post no.120) -Fried bread and curd.

If u are a hardcore photographer and keeps interest in many things, Food photography may be one of ur choice. There is no dearth of subjects, if u visit regularly some hotels, restaurants or may be a good cook urself. There are varied kind of arrangements of the food u choose. However u have to be cautious of the background, the only distracting thing in food photography. The simple/plane the best, since the attention of the viewer will be on the food stuff rather than other things.
 --Many photographers use many objects on which to place the plate but they are not distracting and cover very limited space, in order to highlight the main object i.e. the dish......There is a good word 'decoration'. That too be matching with the taste of the food staff, sour or sweet and shd be small in quantity placed at less important/vacant places so the beauty of the picture is enhanced.
--In the above pic, beside 'dhania' leaves and tomato, onion, green chilli, lemon stc can be added but to minimum possible.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Angles in photography. (post no.119).

It is said by experts - TRY AS MANY UNUSUAL ANGLES as u probably can. From lying down on the floor to shooting top angles.

2. However, subject's position makes it deciding which angle u can use for the best output from a picture.
Besides, insisting on an angle may not be solution.....Right at the site of shooting, u shd have sufficient time to change ur positions for angles and/or may ask the person, place subject, on whom u can try different angles. As always, subjects are varied, many so powerful, demanding a solo position to shoot them from that particular angle.

3. For example, I take here Mumbai Bandra sealink bridge......There is a straight angle when u stand on the bridge, since traffic will not allow u to get changed to the premeditated angle. So u are constrained. However, when the traffic slows down, the angle u can approach is by sitting on ur legs....That will immediately take u to a different look from THAT LOW ANGLE, which was thus not possible.

4. Using ultra wide angle or wide angle lenses will give a more coverage and depth in the oncoming traffic, side of bridge, the view of sea, sky, clouds (if any), in night, reflection of lighting  in the sea.
ANGLES  greatly relate to lenses as well......................continue

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


COPYRIGHT OF PHOTOGRAPH:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Many of the photographers are unaware of the copyright of their images and those who are aware may not be serious about their hard efforts in clicking the images which come under their copyright....please note that the owner of the copyright has the unquestioned right to do several acts with regard to his/her created works....This right is the exclusive one ensured in section 14 of the 1957 Act.

Nature of the aforesaid exclusive right or rights varies according to the type of work or works. Grouping of the said works run as under:
Copyright dwells in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. It is also found in a cinematograph film and in the case of a record, CD, DVD etc.

A photograph - good,bad, or otherwise - falls into the group in an artistic work. The exclusive rights afforded to the owner under the 1957 Act go as follows:

1. to reproduce the work in any material form;
2. to publish the work;
3. to include the work in any cinematograph film (not to mix cinematograph film and photograph - both are different -and here we concentrate on photographs taken by still cameras and handicams.)
4. to make any adaption of work;
5. to do in relation to an adaptation of the work.-any of the acts specified in relation to the work in 1 to 3 above.....besides this copyright is a statutory right. It is an intellectual property right. And offence against it can be set right under the Act and its provisions.

It is obvious that such a right vests in someone and that someone is classified as the owner of such right. AS far as photography is concerned Section 02(d)(iv) states that in relation to a photograph, the person taking the photograph, ''remains its author''.

If a photograph taken in a studio of a client of the photographer, though the client has paid the charges, he cannot claim to handover the film or CD to him by the photographer, unless he had a contract in writing with the photographer about his/her photographs...The copyright vests into the photographer.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Nikon's another marvel D610 with 24.3 MP. (Post no.117).

NIKON's another marvel....D610 24 MP Camera.Nikon today announced the 24.3-megapixel D610 FX-format HD-SLR digital camera, engineered to deliver the outstanding balance of image quality, performance and operability that only a full-frame camera can offer. The large 24.3-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24mm) CMOS sensor is capable of creating low-noise images with amazing dynamic range, clarity and precise color, even in challenging light. No matter the type of photography, from landscapes to wildlife, portraits to sports, the Nikon D610 excels, delivering stellar sharpness, superior handling, and the ability to enjoy the full resolution benefits of a wide variety of NIKKOR glass. Image quality and performance are further bolstered with the aid of Nikon’s EXPEED 3 image processing engine, which helps to provide vivid colors and an exceptionally broad tonal range while quickly processing image data transfer from capture to card. Additionally, EXPEED 3 contributes to surprising energy efficiency for all-day shooting........
----The price with 24-85 lens will be approx. 2 lakhs. It has more lens options with further rise up of prices. ( digital photography).

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Panchakshari Pakados:  Most tasty in breakfasts, in the evenings, evenings of rainy season, Pakoda's (or Bhajiya) are most famous amongst masses all over India......The Hotel Management Admn,, Restaurants regularly publish their brochures and this can be one of the items, u may hv to photograph. Magazine/Newspaper people do need them for publications.

These Pakodas include 5(panch) ingrediants - Hari Mirch (meant for pakados), gobhi, pyaz, aaloo, gilki mixed with besan (gram flour)....and ate with or without chutneys made of tomato, dhania, pudina, or tomato sauce.......yummy, yummy....Ask the next door Dietcian.....? Just taste them.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dancer in a pose.....(post no.116).

Her pose is matching with design in the bg to some extent.....These are Kalbelia dancers from Rajasthan and have gorgeous color designed dresses with their own designers.
Shot by Nikon D3000, 70-300 Sigma zoom lens during her fast continue.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Daily hot topics.---ONION (post no.115).

Just be in touch with the daily news items on TV and newspapers.....In June, July the Kedarnath havoc made the news and left scars in thousands of people. If u were lucky enough to catch some of the photos of that calamity, u cud contact the newspapers/TV channels to get your photo published, as there were lots of pix taken by people suffered by their mobiles and they made great news all around. If somebody was helped by seeing ur photographs, they wud hv been most obliged to u, giving them a new lease of life.

2. Now the news reigns is of 'onion', which is making it difficult for ruling party to answer to people for its price hike. In 1998, Atal Bihari Vajpai got the negative mendate from people in election on this small piece of daily consumption by rich and the poor, as the rate unfortunately touched Rs.100/- per kg. The time has also come for the congress govt as it is unable to check the rising prices of this small item which has gone upto Rs.80/-.....This is also a matter of photo-journalism, to awake the people and understand their rights. Your pix of ''pyaz'' (onion), taken in different ways may give u opportunity to get them published in newspapers. The people's reaction wud be tremendous.

3. I have shot the above pic of pyaz being played as a sports ball by a housewife......The idea behind this is that the onion will be available in 'sports' shops rather than in 'vegetable' shops and will be helpful to pass time by playing with it, So keep ears alert and eyes sharp daily with camera ready to shoot general shots as well as conceived ones, which will give more creativity to ur thinking and a demand from newspapers editors, once u become popular with a bit of original thinking.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Journalism pic.-Digvijay Singh--Opportunities in Journalism.(post no.114).

This is my fav pic of Shri Digvijay Singh, took when he was CM of MP......There is a lot to earn name and fame in Journalism photography, also called photo-journalism....If u r young and wish to do some extra creative work, there r opportunities in TVs, Newspapers, Magazines, where the pictures are sought every minute, with what is happening in society, in Cities, towns, villages. In politics, films, fashion, Sports,society and lots of other fields. There is demand of fresh photographs of happenings in these fields, so the public cud be kept uptodate. A day's delay, makes the picture old & out of market, particularly in Newspapers, where there is great competitions to publish the latest pic and who wins the race gets the highest of circulation and more credit, more money.

2) FOR MAGAZINES, U CAN GET SOME TIME AND WORK ON THE NEWS AND PICTURES as there is a fixed date for publication, may be weekly, fortnightly, and monthly. So good chances of earning money once you get high praise in the Editor's eye AND be a regular columnist for their papers with pictures accompanied with news tag lines.

3) In TVs u see daily reporting from different areas by video news channel persons going place to place of interest and places of recent happenings and, besides where they cannot reach, ur shooting pix even with ur camera phones will get u good opportunities of getting jobs there, as they wish to appoint people in areas their reach is not possible, may be becoz lack of staff or time to cover up the stories.If u choose glamour field, u can cover up those places, where celebs are there. Now everywhere fashion shows are held round the year. There are reality shows auditions to cover. A lots of cultures programmes await the journalists, photo-journalists to report them to newspapers, magazines, TV news channels. THE APPROACHES ARE the opportunities.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Friendship Day.

Happy Friendship all photo caring people, may be beginners, students, amateurs etc.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Abstract in photography...(post no.112).

As in painting, many a times the abstract emerges close to realism, so in Photography too, the brain of Photographer tries to hold in it the part of realism, semi abstract, or total abstract images through his camera.Abstract imagery stems from a deeply personal space/taste. It makes it possible to communicate directly with the viewer....It is a virtual and continuous process of self-expression involved with hard work.

As u involve with this art, pl remember to shoot not what it looks like but what it feels like. This will include emotions, the inherent part of an aesthetic abstract image...

Using aperture: Many of the subjects needs to be shot with a small aperture, since it is repetition of elements or patterns throughout the frame that creates a sense of abstraction (as in the above photograph). On the other hand bokeh makes wonderful abstracts too. And here u will have to depend upon the bigger aperture possible.........................continue

Monday, July 1, 2013

Travel story in photography.(post no.111).

In travel, try to visualize a story that is a photo story which is a group of images that work together (one example of ''uttappam'' from Kerala is given above,that come under eatables). These images tell a story that imparts greater meaning than a single image would....The story can be narrative of a journey or event. However, it can also involve shooting subjects like the wall paintings of a particular region, in order to give the viewer a deeper understanding of the practice as in case of the painting below fron Bhim Baithka caves from central India from the stoneage.

The perception behind story is important so identify a theme which will set pace for the rest of the story, may be busy markets, important buildings, houses,terraces,doors, windows having peculiar designs, some outside bridges,landscapes, people in their unique attire and so on...........continue

Monday, June 24, 2013

Diffusers in photography....(post no.110)

Many a time, u feel the need to diffuse the light on ur portraits...this help getting even and shadowless lighting,unless u change the position of ur main light source....This is more useful with lamps and flash lights, which otherwise provide harsh shadows. Therefore in order to soften shadows the following will be useful:

TRACING PAPER: This is also called butter paper. Using this helps reduce the intensity of light sources, which u can check on ur LCD monitor and make necessary changes, if need be.

MUSLIN CLOTH: This also helps in diffusing the light when needed. With a warm light source, like lamps, it can even make the lighting look mellow.......Whenever using these diffusers, better keep them away from light sources, not to let them get heated.

TRANSLUCENT GLASS: Place a translucent glass in front of light source but at a slight distance. Avoid prolonged use of these diffusers.....change them to fresh ones as they are less heat-resistant...Even walls will work as light at them and get ur subjects seated to get the lighting u need, 2-3 feet away from them..........continue

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Using FILL FLASH....(post No.109).

FILL FLASH INTO A SCENE:....When shooting against the light, u can use flash to fill in some light onto the subject. For example fill flash works well when u r shooting a person against  the setting sun or in harsh sunlight. The camera will expose for the sky/subject, but the fill flash will ensure that the subject is not silhouetted/harsh shadows filled with some light.
--The same effect can be applied by using the Night Portrait or Backlit portrait mode in ur camera.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Street Photography--2..(post no.108).

Let me explain about the pic....There can be many elements in a shop....Here the man (shopkeeper) is relaxing (or bored with no customers). There are many items for sale when people are going to temple. He kept one chair, if anybody wants to sit or rest a while, or to talk to him passing time. There is a vessel near his leg for drinking water. Also in the bg is a man's poster for election campaign......So everything is distinct.

2) The chair well balances the man's presence and the whole photograph....This can be termed that u hv documented a shop, which is characterised by striking a balance between the form and the subject.

3) Robert Capa said ''if ur pix are not good enough, then u are not close enough''. This is well applicable in this form of photography.The style of photography will be to concentrate on the subject more than the background.............The techniques and outcome may consist of blurs, shadows, silhouettes, reflections and a true representation of the subject before the camera.

4) Other things may include patterns, structures, tones, textures, colors forming some of the principle elements in the images. (As I explained above.) continue.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Street Photography.(post no.107).

One of the most interesting and challenging subjects, is Street Photography.......This can be done in colour or transformed into a b&w image in photoshop....This is as against the thinking and executing portraits, wildlife, insects' macro photography,landscape photography, which are done under the cover of homes, studios, sanctuaries and on ur kitchen garden, nearby trees, in jungles,seas etc., where u do not have a direct interaction with your subjects.....

2) To few people, the street photography may look intimidating, because of their rather introvert nature. Introvert people think more, act less. The street photography is well executed by the people with an extrovert outlook. They are less afraid of public reactions. They try to convince the subject or walk out of scene if faced by angried men and women.

3) First question comes, ''why, what for'' u are taking the photographs. Some are conscious in public and they comment '' paisa kamayega'' (earn money from the photographs). Time has changed a lot since last 30 years....Now cameras are common in hand, particularly compacts, and mobile phone cameras. The SLR has a bigger look and attracts attention and, hei, u are watched.

4) What to do......sometimes visit regularly, so people are accustomed with ur presence. Many a time, targetting small children helps and u take few shots of people around, just by pleasing the children....Still if u are not interactive, u can use a telephoto lens or longer focal length zoom and stay in a corner, where u are less noticed and take shots. These give, with advantage, less DOF and focused on the main subject at 200mm or 300mm....Using wide angles need going closure covering more area and having good depth of field to give more life to pictures....In this case, I hang camera on my neck and at wide, I just aim the lens without looking into the LCD or viewfinder, and press the button, as if having my attention somewhere else...Later some cropping brings up the main subject.....As in the case of above picture, I promised the man to give him the prints and he did give me some good shots....Bought a small flowerpot also....Only thing, if people disapprove or become is better to walk out of the area with gentlemanliness.....haha...interesting....

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photographing places of interest.(post no.106).

There are lot of festivals in India and more of tourist places and picnic spots, which will excite to the capture them in ur camera, may be compacts,camphones or others.

2) If it is a place of diversity, just tell a story in two or three pictures. As in the above picture there is a huge temple made by Raja Bhoj some one thousand years back. Till 25 years back, it was in dilapidated condition. However, the govt took steps to get it renovated and made it a national heritage.

3) There is importance of majestic appearance of the temple and inside is a great Shiv-ling, 2.03 metre high, which is shown here in the inset....As people throng the gate, which is covered with wooden steps, it is not possible to merge both in one picture. Besides, there is contrast in lighting, outside and inside. To show the public is one especial aspect of photography depicting the importance of the place and the devotion of the people.....Cover it pictorially, framing it with side trees,rocks, people etc.....Nikon 18-55 kit lens....Expo. outside Aperture Priority Auto....1/500, f16....The inside Shiv-ling is captured by Canon compact on auto continue.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Planning to improve shooting skills.(post no.105).

Shooting is easy but better after knowing the place. Though sometimes it happens that u go to a tourist place and that is new to u, u go on clicking, whatever comes before u.  No doubt, u got a good record of the place...But have u understood that how many pictures are good from an artist's point of view. Even when you sit on PC or Laptop, you have to view each picture and how many you will have to delete from your at random shooting...wasting lot of precious time...However, if the place is visited for the first and last time, that is worth doing the labour. But if you have visited the place and have a second chance to visit, it would be better to have a planning for spectacular places you will shoot from....As may have happened in ur first visit, most of the time you wudn't have realised but just jumped for shot after shots.....Here important is PLANNING. This may take some of your time but ultimately save lot of it to return with  perfect shots with better results in exposure setting on Aperture Priority, Prog mode or Manual mode, having correct shutter speed, aperture and ISO setting. Why ISO setting? As the evening sets in the light goes down and you do not have tripod, the HIGHER ISO SETTING WILL help you to capture sharp pictures...That is why to plan 'when,where,how,what,who' (the 5 w) will be helpful in holiday shoots. This will help u to visualise the composition before you have clicked the camera.....THE above place,in picture, I saw before, but next time the two gals helped me in scaling the composition to the boat and continue.