Monday, April 22, 2013

Street Photography--2..(post no.108).

Let me explain about the pic....There can be many elements in a shop....Here the man (shopkeeper) is relaxing (or bored with no customers). There are many items for sale when people are going to temple. He kept one chair, if anybody wants to sit or rest a while, or to talk to him passing time. There is a vessel near his leg for drinking water. Also in the bg is a man's poster for election campaign......So everything is distinct.

2) The chair well balances the man's presence and the whole photograph....This can be termed that u hv documented a shop, which is characterised by striking a balance between the form and the subject.

3) Robert Capa said ''if ur pix are not good enough, then u are not close enough''. This is well applicable in this form of photography.The style of photography will be to concentrate on the subject more than the background.............The techniques and outcome may consist of blurs, shadows, silhouettes, reflections and a true representation of the subject before the camera.

4) Other things may include patterns, structures, tones, textures, colors forming some of the principle elements in the images. (As I explained above.) continue.

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