Friday, April 5, 2013

Street Photography.(post no.107).

One of the most interesting and challenging subjects, is Street Photography.......This can be done in colour or transformed into a b&w image in photoshop....This is as against the thinking and executing portraits, wildlife, insects' macro photography,landscape photography, which are done under the cover of homes, studios, sanctuaries and on ur kitchen garden, nearby trees, in jungles,seas etc., where u do not have a direct interaction with your subjects.....

2) To few people, the street photography may look intimidating, because of their rather introvert nature. Introvert people think more, act less. The street photography is well executed by the people with an extrovert outlook. They are less afraid of public reactions. They try to convince the subject or walk out of scene if faced by angried men and women.

3) First question comes, ''why, what for'' u are taking the photographs. Some are conscious in public and they comment '' paisa kamayega'' (earn money from the photographs). Time has changed a lot since last 30 years....Now cameras are common in hand, particularly compacts, and mobile phone cameras. The SLR has a bigger look and attracts attention and, hei, u are watched.

4) What to do......sometimes visit regularly, so people are accustomed with ur presence. Many a time, targetting small children helps and u take few shots of people around, just by pleasing the children....Still if u are not interactive, u can use a telephoto lens or longer focal length zoom and stay in a corner, where u are less noticed and take shots. These give, with advantage, less DOF and focused on the main subject at 200mm or 300mm....Using wide angles need going closure covering more area and having good depth of field to give more life to pictures....In this case, I hang camera on my neck and at wide, I just aim the lens without looking into the LCD or viewfinder, and press the button, as if having my attention somewhere else...Later some cropping brings up the main subject.....As in the case of above picture, I promised the man to give him the prints and he did give me some good shots....Bought a small flowerpot also....Only thing, if people disapprove or become is better to walk out of the area with gentlemanliness.....haha...interesting....

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