Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photographing places of interest.(post no.106).

There are lot of festivals in India and more of tourist places and picnic spots, which will excite to the capture them in ur camera, may be compacts,camphones or others.

2) If it is a place of diversity, just tell a story in two or three pictures. As in the above picture there is a huge temple made by Raja Bhoj some one thousand years back. Till 25 years back, it was in dilapidated condition. However, the govt took steps to get it renovated and made it a national heritage.

3) There is importance of majestic appearance of the temple and inside is a great Shiv-ling, 2.03 metre high, which is shown here in the inset....As people throng the gate, which is covered with wooden steps, it is not possible to merge both in one picture. Besides, there is contrast in lighting, outside and inside. To show the public is one especial aspect of photography depicting the importance of the place and the devotion of the people.....Cover it pictorially, framing it with side trees,rocks, people etc.....Nikon 18-55 kit lens....Expo. outside Aperture Priority Auto....1/500, f16....The inside Shiv-ling is captured by Canon compact on auto continue.

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