Friday, January 25, 2013

Planning to improve shooting skills.(post no.105).

Shooting is easy but better after knowing the place. Though sometimes it happens that u go to a tourist place and that is new to u, u go on clicking, whatever comes before u.  No doubt, u got a good record of the place...But have u understood that how many pictures are good from an artist's point of view. Even when you sit on PC or Laptop, you have to view each picture and how many you will have to delete from your at random shooting...wasting lot of precious time...However, if the place is visited for the first and last time, that is worth doing the labour. But if you have visited the place and have a second chance to visit, it would be better to have a planning for spectacular places you will shoot from....As may have happened in ur first visit, most of the time you wudn't have realised but just jumped for shot after shots.....Here important is PLANNING. This may take some of your time but ultimately save lot of it to return with  perfect shots with better results in exposure setting on Aperture Priority, Prog mode or Manual mode, having correct shutter speed, aperture and ISO setting. Why ISO setting? As the evening sets in the light goes down and you do not have tripod, the HIGHER ISO SETTING WILL help you to capture sharp pictures...That is why to plan 'when,where,how,what,who' (the 5 w) will be helpful in holiday shoots. This will help u to visualise the composition before you have clicked the camera.....THE above place,in picture, I saw before, but next time the two gals helped me in scaling the composition to the boat and continue.

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