Saturday, March 31, 2012

Water melon.....cud it be colourful?..see yrself.

Bhai, I cannot resist.....Sorry, if something colourful comes in your home and make a subject, you are generally thinking about to photograph outside....There are lots of things around you to make still life photograph....Yea a subject for 'food photography'....the watermelon is nice enough to tempt me to click my camera....You do not need a macro photography equipment (unless u photograph real macro of seeds etc.) it will be a closeup photography...U may think of composition...yeaaa, I selected a half cut WM with hilly ups and downs, and a piece outside to have a relation of the bigger the picture does not look,dot,dot,dot.......SS,aperture, Question mark?

Tripod support, 1/5. f.5.6 ISO 400......Full stop......(see Chidiya Ghar on Sab TV). .dot,dot,dot,dot.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


It is generally the most enthralling moment for the photographer to catch the dancer in between whirls...haha....You must have photographed in auditoriums and when the drama is high, it is difficult to control the shutter triggering the stupendous moment forever on your camera sensor....Yes the only alternative are the DSLRs having choice of lenses, because whether u are able to cover the performer or the drama artists.from where u have seated, with the alternative of fast focusing and clicking. with these high end cameras......In some auditoriums the press photographers find liberty to going closer sitting on knee to cover the next day's page coverage....Yes if u are a n exprovert, you too can take once in lifetime photographs. Otherwise, as we notice, few people with good cameras and theirs compacts shoot from their seats......OOooph there may be lot of photographers near the stage for few shots...then it is not possible for them to imitate them.....Better go in advance and choose a good sitting place and fix your tripod without disturbing others and come with good snaps that make ur album memorable or the photograph, if possible, may have the opportunity to get published...that is your interest...In such photographs,as above, keep eyes on face only....Ok.......ISO 800, 1/160, f5.6.

Monday, March 26, 2012


When you visit a lake or a park, if you are conscious about your photography, you can bring loads of good pictures...with any camera in your hand.....There should be no remorse that you do not own a SLR....And as I felt on this spot, maximum people were shooting with their compact and phone cameras....the pictures of their kins and some interested taking open shot, like the one I shot above....The water was presenting a golden hue as the sun was still high in the sky...about 5 PM...Luckily I got a picture with depth in water in the background, which was enhanced by adding light maroon in the sky in photoshop...The picture is compositionally solid with the motorboat at near rule of thirds, the trailing tracking it from back diagonally....there is lot to be said about pictorial composition of pictures. ---PICTORIAL MEANS THE PICTURE HAS ARTISTIC VALUES....

2) I  took this picture with ISO 400 AT F8 APERTURE AND SHUTTER SPEED...WOW ...1/4000. At ISO 100, the SS will come down to 1/1000.......Just try.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Muskura laadle muskura....a seperior song from Zindagi.....You take this type pf photography difficult.....The story, I got stood my grandson on the sand heaps they made from the tractor....they bring the sand through....the surrounding is as though of sands making a hillock....I added vignette to put the attention on the guy.....this was taken by my pocketable compact camera-Kodak cx7430...4 MP CAPABLE OF PRINTING BIGGER IMAGES BRCOZ OF BIGGER. SENSOR.,....Exposure on auto. SUNSHINE or daylight are very strong light source...better assess becoz the light may vary according to the following ways for any subject.----ANGLE,NO.OF SOURCES,INTENSITY etc make u a good judge keeping the subject and viewing it from other sides as well.....This photograph is of morning and the light was coming up the horizon and here diffused shadow was prevalent becoz of the heaps of sands arose around....There he shadow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


PHOTOGRAPHY IS NO JOKE.....I SHALL TRY TO ENTERTAIN IN THE BEST POSSIBLE MANNER AS FAR AS PHOTOGRAPHY IS CONCERNED.....the ways what I learned, the difficulties I faced, The accolades I got and still trying to learn, the basics I am going through with the vastness of subjects. will also come to you, besides,birds,forestry,animals,scenes as I see them, not avoiding the comon who works day and night to make life happier of all of us and many amusing things the camera pass through.....I AM NOT A BIG PHOTOGRAPHER.....IT IS U WHO HAVE TO BECOME BIG PHOTOGRAPHER.....

2) Why cant a small watch on ur hand be a subject of macro photography....for which u are well equipped with even with a compact.....THINK OF SMALL AND BECOME BIG.
I love the dial of the designer watch and cudn't resist it to put thru my lens.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Food for thought - Bhajiyas (or Bhujiyas)

Is it not mouthwatering, if you see in kitchen  or on a restaurant's table the plate full of 'Bhajiya'.....I have not shot this as a Food Product photography....hahaha....but as I saw them lying in the kitchen, without much effort, I took the more weight to the lower portion...As the vessel too appealed to me I left it as it is, using available light with slower shutter speed and hand held...the background gave a good lift to the picture.....Do not just be sticking to only few methods, but shd have hundred ideas of arrangement with plates, vessels, plain card sheets, cloths, making subject with more or less dof as the shooting anybody can be expert in Food (product) photography.....Just try.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Going with the wind

Hava ke saath saath, ghata ke sang sang....o sathi chal......THE CREATURE ENJOYS ITS 'KINGFISHER' FLIGHT(Vijay Malya have stopped that-his 'kingfisher' airliners.).....Most diffuclt to shoot....U just stand, when the creature will make its big way.

2) Birds are generally be thought of the creatures of habit....This will be true when they are driven by impulses to return to the same place again and again...may be at breeding season. This will make the birds at or near the nest---A common sight for searching wildlife photographers....If u r particularly interested for birds, then visiting bird sanctuaries will be a good idea...or in sporadic jungles, u have to make hides, observing their movements and have to be watchful for days ..They change places too. 2 years back, one tree was a constant visiting place in the evening near my house, but since last 2 years the tree looks barren.....Above is the dove I caught in flight at 1/2000,f8 ISO 200.....The bird was at a distance, therefore I have had to crop it to present before u.
---Even at 1/2000 the upper portion of the wing shows movement....They are faster than camera shutter speeds.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Honeysuckers...Bhanware ki gunjan hai mera dil

Jaanewale zara hoshiyar, yehan ke ham hain Rajkumar.....See the graceness of Rajkumari is allowed to enter.....SARA RAS MAIN HEE CHOOSUNGA....iT IS A GREAT MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY subject....Macro, means ENLARGED IMAGE....Either u shot with macro lens or the capability given in your compact etc cameras to shoot at close quarters.and then enlarge the image on your photo editor software on a laptop or PC.. However before observe the creature suckubg and jumping from one flower to another.....I was trying in side lighting but unfortunately, the light fell flat....It was good backlighting but the flowers faces were in the shadowed areas.. I thought of composition too, when the creature comes at what point....Here the question was--shd I give attention to the entire plant or the creature only....No doube the flowers petals - yellow - vibrating with the sunlight.....I shot it with my p&s Canon camera---at Programmed mode...ISO 100.In compact, never shoot beyond ISO100 as going above starts producing noise..........I was also after the details outside and texture inside the flower....which was easily recorded.....We suggest poses, but here we have to run after the poses suggested by the these honeysuckers........Shutter Speed suggested was at 1/650 at f3.5.
2)It is good time yet and u can visit local parks in the morning and evening and come out with a bundle og assorted photos, besides flowers and bees.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

BIRDS to photograph

Bird photographs may be a good inflow, if you have continuous watch around your home.....In flats, however, the areas are dry and difficult to attract birds....There should be good number of trees around your home, as the birds are human friendly....And shooting them from close distance may be possible...Your normal digital cameras with 4x zoom onwards may work good but for better photographs u may need a prosumer or a DSLR camera to have 200mm focal length or higher (as I feel)....In winter it is easier to find them during day time but in summer the creatures's visit becomes prominent in the evening when weather gets less hot...Otherwise, if you are an early riser the morning is best time as the birds too feel afresh in the morning as we do.
2)  Please help to keep the environment with more of the plants and trees saved from cutting/destroying for the sake of fulfilling our unwanted needs.....We will be losing the sight of birds if 'save the environment' attitude is not employed....Many birds are migratory and they come from long distances from other countries too.....If the authorities are helpful to make 'bird sancturies', there can be nothing better than that!.......The bird above needed an exposure of 1`/1000 at f8, ISO 200, with 70-300 zoom.....The image is cropped to bring out a better view of the bird....In front of the bird, I am sorry, there is the joint of cables..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Painting in PC......SAY, SAY-- IN PHOTOSHOP, yea why not.....As I  calculate many of the camera holders were painters first...then came to photography....Even there is fraternity of painters individually involved in their respective fields.....I too painted, but less went for abstractism.....As I believed that the 'realistic art' in painting or in photography is close to life.In abstract paintings they express themselves thru colours, forms, textures etc which the common interested person may not be able to interpret even....Even the top abstractists have interpreted some sort of realistic form of humans, animals in their work. ......Shall I give a good laugh for those who wud hesitate to go for photoshop effects in their photographs?.....The experimentation is a great way to bring out creativity from within and the medium may be as I selected in this photograph of my grandson,who is 'model' for me,AND THAT IS PAINTING ON CANVAS, FIND OUT THE GOOD STROKES......just enlarge and see --- did I paint the picture on canvas.....Guess yourself and never hesitate to experiment, as there is a good company of those,who travel in this field the way they choose to show u always something different.....So go!!!IT IS NOTHING BUT DIGITAL IMAGING AND THE MACHINE U SHOOT THRU IS NOTHING BUT A DIGITAL CAMERA AND THE PHOTOSHOP A DIGITAL TOOL.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Camera & Coincidence.

In this Falgun month of Holi, the sun and moon both are visible during evening hours (it is stll day at 5.30 pm)one in east and other in west........It is pleasing to take shot of moon during day (this I took on 5th March.)...Though actually the moon was more bright than in the picture with light blue sky, as I have brought out some details by slightly darkening it.....Why I uploaded this picture because of inclusion of the I was continuously gazing thru the viewfinder and as I clicked, abruptly the creature came in....Invariably, there are many chances of including the birds with moon, (not everywhere,and particularly not at my place), as at many places the birds fly slowly and come in between the moon and the camera...But, if u want moon, the bird u may get defocused.........ISO 400, f8, SS 1/1600.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dangerous Bikers on Streets

Not necessarily you think of flowers, sunsets, landscape photography always.....Is this not landscape? The definition of landscape is 'picture of inland scenery'...Yes it is a hub of the main square with the picturesque statue of Maharana Pratap, with cineplex and the main street leading to the next end.....WHAT is my purpose of explaining this photograph......because your CAMERA CAN BE A TEACHER OR 'GURU' too.....The dangerous bikers?...See the arrow below and the biker marked is entering wrong sided just before the car, who will move direct or turn from around the rotary...But the biker will not?...Why a few seconds hurry? So please save self and save others also.
2) This type of 'awareness' photography is possible, if you have camera in your pocket or on the left seat of the car......Just shoot some pix...and you will wonder that the areas/streets look so luring with lots of people moving and the great buildings/structures building image on your camera's sensor.....See the noon time blue sky and the left 'green girl' covering her head and face, compositionally the pic has all elements in their right places......a regular look out when you move on roads, but just do not shoot, as there are 'other' subjects hover in your it not so?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

SUN AT ITS HIGHEST BLOOM AT the time of setting.

You might have come across many sunset photographs......Generally the photographers include few more elements in such a landscape I too have took more shots of this time...but here as I used my 70-300, I could be able to reach at more narrow angle to obtain a larger image of the sun....the brilliant red came naturally with the vignette at all corners and a bit of matching foreground lending support to the sun....This I took from the moving car sitting on the back seat.....The sun looks as a dot. Therefore I loved to keep it at the middle...As usual the DSLR was at Av I was clicking fast.......Oh nature, THOU ARE THE MOTHER OF ALL LIVING BEINGS, so bestow your blessings on us, as always.