Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Camera & Coincidence.

In this Falgun month of Holi, the sun and moon both are visible during evening hours (it is stll day at 5.30 pm)one in east and other in west........It is pleasing to take shot of moon during day (this I took on 5th March.)...Though actually the moon was more bright than in the picture with light blue sky, as I have brought out some details by slightly darkening it.....Why I uploaded this picture because of inclusion of the bird....as I was continuously gazing thru the viewfinder and as I clicked, abruptly the creature came in....Invariably, there are many chances of including the birds with moon, (not everywhere,and particularly not at my place), as at many places the birds fly slowly and come in between the moon and the camera...But, if u want moon, the bird u may get defocused.........ISO 400, f8, SS 1/1600.

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