Thursday, March 29, 2012


It is generally the most enthralling moment for the photographer to catch the dancer in between whirls...haha....You must have photographed in auditoriums and when the drama is high, it is difficult to control the shutter triggering the stupendous moment forever on your camera sensor....Yes the only alternative are the DSLRs having choice of lenses, because whether u are able to cover the performer or the drama artists.from where u have seated, with the alternative of fast focusing and clicking. with these high end cameras......In some auditoriums the press photographers find liberty to going closer sitting on knee to cover the next day's page coverage....Yes if u are a n exprovert, you too can take once in lifetime photographs. Otherwise, as we notice, few people with good cameras and theirs compacts shoot from their seats......OOooph there may be lot of photographers near the stage for few shots...then it is not possible for them to imitate them.....Better go in advance and choose a good sitting place and fix your tripod without disturbing others and come with good snaps that make ur album memorable or the photograph, if possible, may have the opportunity to get published...that is your interest...In such photographs,as above, keep eyes on face only....Ok.......ISO 800, 1/160, f5.6.

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