Saturday, March 24, 2012


Muskura laadle muskura....a seperior song from Zindagi.....You take this type pf photography difficult.....The story, I got stood my grandson on the sand heaps they made from the tractor....they bring the sand through....the surrounding is as though of sands making a hillock....I added vignette to put the attention on the guy.....this was taken by my pocketable compact camera-Kodak cx7430...4 MP CAPABLE OF PRINTING BIGGER IMAGES BRCOZ OF BIGGER. SENSOR.,....Exposure on auto. SUNSHINE or daylight are very strong light source...better assess becoz the light may vary according to the following ways for any subject.----ANGLE,NO.OF SOURCES,INTENSITY etc make u a good judge keeping the subject and viewing it from other sides as well.....This photograph is of morning and the light was coming up the horizon and here diffused shadow was prevalent becoz of the heaps of sands arose around....There he shadow.

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