Sunday, March 11, 2012

BIRDS to photograph

Bird photographs may be a good inflow, if you have continuous watch around your home.....In flats, however, the areas are dry and difficult to attract birds....There should be good number of trees around your home, as the birds are human friendly....And shooting them from close distance may be possible...Your normal digital cameras with 4x zoom onwards may work good but for better photographs u may need a prosumer or a DSLR camera to have 200mm focal length or higher (as I feel)....In winter it is easier to find them during day time but in summer the creatures's visit becomes prominent in the evening when weather gets less hot...Otherwise, if you are an early riser the morning is best time as the birds too feel afresh in the morning as we do.
2)  Please help to keep the environment with more of the plants and trees saved from cutting/destroying for the sake of fulfilling our unwanted needs.....We will be losing the sight of birds if 'save the environment' attitude is not employed....Many birds are migratory and they come from long distances from other countries too.....If the authorities are helpful to make 'bird sancturies', there can be nothing better than that!.......The bird above needed an exposure of 1`/1000 at f8, ISO 200, with 70-300 zoom.....The image is cropped to bring out a better view of the bird....In front of the bird, I am sorry, there is the joint of cables..

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