Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Honeysuckers...Bhanware ki gunjan hai mera dil

Jaanewale zara hoshiyar, yehan ke ham hain Rajkumar.....See the graceness of Rajkumar...no Rajkumari is allowed to enter.....SARA RAS MAIN HEE CHOOSUNGA....iT IS A GREAT MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY subject....Macro, means ENLARGED IMAGE....Either u shot with macro lens or the capability given in your compact etc cameras to shoot at close quarters.and then enlarge the image on your photo editor software on a laptop or PC.. However before observe the creature suckubg and jumping from one flower to another.....I was trying in side lighting but unfortunately, the light fell flat....It was good backlighting but the flowers faces were in the shadowed areas.. I thought of composition too, when the creature comes at what point....Here the question was--shd I give attention to the entire plant or the creature only....No doube the flowers petals - yellow - vibrating with the sunlight.....I shot it with my p&s Canon camera---at Programmed mode...ISO 100.In compact, never shoot beyond ISO100 as going above starts producing noise..........I was also after the details outside and texture inside the flower....which was easily recorded.....We suggest poses, but here we have to run after the poses suggested by the these honeysuckers........Shutter Speed suggested was at 1/650 at f3.5.
2)It is good time yet and u can visit local parks in the morning and evening and come out with a bundle og assorted photos, besides flowers and bees.

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