Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Painting in PC......SAY, SAY-- IN PHOTOSHOP, yea why not.....As I  calculate many of the camera holders were painters first...then came to photography....Even there is fraternity of painters individually involved in their respective fields.....I too painted, but less went for abstractism.....As I believed that the 'realistic art' in painting or in photography is close to life.In abstract paintings they express themselves thru colours, forms, textures etc which the common interested person may not be able to interpret even....Even the top abstractists have interpreted some sort of realistic form of humans, animals in their work. ......Shall I give a good laugh for those who wud hesitate to go for photoshop effects in their photographs?.....The experimentation is a great way to bring out creativity from within and the medium may be as I selected in this photograph of my grandson,who is 'model' for me,AND THAT IS PAINTING ON CANVAS, FIND OUT THE GOOD STROKES......just enlarge and see --- did I paint the picture on canvas.....Guess yourself and never hesitate to experiment, as there is a good company of those,who travel in this field the way they choose to show u always something different.....So go!!!IT IS NOTHING BUT DIGITAL IMAGING AND THE MACHINE U SHOOT THRU IS NOTHING BUT A DIGITAL CAMERA AND THE PHOTOSHOP A DIGITAL TOOL.

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