Friday, March 16, 2012

Going with the wind

Hava ke saath saath, ghata ke sang sang....o sathi chal......THE CREATURE ENJOYS ITS 'KINGFISHER' FLIGHT(Vijay Malya have stopped that-his 'kingfisher' airliners.).....Most diffuclt to shoot....U just stand, when the creature will make its big way.

2) Birds are generally be thought of the creatures of habit....This will be true when they are driven by impulses to return to the same place again and again...may be at breeding season. This will make the birds at or near the nest---A common sight for searching wildlife photographers....If u r particularly interested for birds, then visiting bird sanctuaries will be a good idea...or in sporadic jungles, u have to make hides, observing their movements and have to be watchful for days ..They change places too. 2 years back, one tree was a constant visiting place in the evening near my house, but since last 2 years the tree looks barren.....Above is the dove I caught in flight at 1/2000,f8 ISO 200.....The bird was at a distance, therefore I have had to crop it to present before u.
---Even at 1/2000 the upper portion of the wing shows movement....They are faster than camera shutter speeds.

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