Wednesday, March 21, 2012


PHOTOGRAPHY IS NO JOKE.....I SHALL TRY TO ENTERTAIN IN THE BEST POSSIBLE MANNER AS FAR AS PHOTOGRAPHY IS CONCERNED.....the ways what I learned, the difficulties I faced, The accolades I got and still trying to learn, the basics I am going through with the vastness of subjects. will also come to you, besides,birds,forestry,animals,scenes as I see them, not avoiding the comon who works day and night to make life happier of all of us and many amusing things the camera pass through.....I AM NOT A BIG PHOTOGRAPHER.....IT IS U WHO HAVE TO BECOME BIG PHOTOGRAPHER.....

2) Why cant a small watch on ur hand be a subject of macro photography....for which u are well equipped with even with a compact.....THINK OF SMALL AND BECOME BIG.
I love the dial of the designer watch and cudn't resist it to put thru my lens.

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