Monday, March 26, 2012


When you visit a lake or a park, if you are conscious about your photography, you can bring loads of good pictures...with any camera in your hand.....There should be no remorse that you do not own a SLR....And as I felt on this spot, maximum people were shooting with their compact and phone cameras....the pictures of their kins and some interested taking open shot, like the one I shot above....The water was presenting a golden hue as the sun was still high in the sky...about 5 PM...Luckily I got a picture with depth in water in the background, which was enhanced by adding light maroon in the sky in photoshop...The picture is compositionally solid with the motorboat at near rule of thirds, the trailing tracking it from back diagonally....there is lot to be said about pictorial composition of pictures. ---PICTORIAL MEANS THE PICTURE HAS ARTISTIC VALUES....

2) I  took this picture with ISO 400 AT F8 APERTURE AND SHUTTER SPEED...WOW ...1/4000. At ISO 100, the SS will come down to 1/1000.......Just try.

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