Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dangerous Bikers on Streets

Not necessarily you think of flowers, sunsets, landscape photography always.....Is this not landscape? The definition of landscape is 'picture of inland scenery'...Yes it is a hub of the main square with the picturesque statue of Maharana Pratap, with cineplex and the main street leading to the next end.....WHAT is my purpose of explaining this photograph......because your CAMERA CAN BE A TEACHER OR 'GURU' too.....The dangerous bikers?...See the arrow below and the biker marked is entering wrong sided just before the car, who will move direct or turn from around the rotary...But the biker will not?...Why a few seconds hurry? So please save self and save others also.
2) This type of 'awareness' photography is possible, if you have camera in your pocket or on the left seat of the car......Just shoot some pix...and you will wonder that the areas/streets look so luring with lots of people moving and the great buildings/structures building image on your camera's sensor.....See the noon time blue sky and the left 'green girl' covering her head and face, compositionally the pic has all elements in their right places......a regular look out when you move on roads, but just do not shoot, as there are 'other' subjects hover in your it not so?

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