Friday, April 27, 2012

Street Photography - Cheerleaders.

When I saw this picture after shoot, on the LCD screen....the mind went to the cricket ground where you found cheer-leaders.....But strange enough, this looks like a gang......yeaa gang of girls, following or setting the modern trends....The front leaders are busy with mobiles.....Do u find any more with mobile...not seen....Yes u can count them----7 or 8?   They are eight. When you go out, you are certainly to find such street scenes....I enjoy this photograph, because, they are a bunch in the same fashion, not 1,2,3.........The glow of skin is important......! However, I am more afraid, when they run two wheelers, without check on speed.and unaware of the sides or back---other vehicles look like pouring in.....Girls be cautious!!.......So when u have camera in your purse, not miss to shoot it....they make good editorial pictures....and also for exhibitions....the red head in the last stops the eye to roam back and the line from her (see heads) goes in front and fixes on the first girl, who is in action with mobile...There is some space in front to move them forward. The girls with distracting colour dupattas are behind-green & our picture is made important by the six white dupatta clad girls supported by the two, green and red, in composition.

2) Camera zoomed at 200mm, Aperture priority, F3.5, 1/60, ISO 400---low light.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Travelling with lens open,finger on shutter...

It is a human nature to find out places for change.....You can understand...It relates to travel...the basic curiosity in the human being to explore new venues of interest... This cannot be done unless taken to travelling various places of your own or any other country....Yes to know more of the culture of the places, beauty the nature bestowed, besides the architectural interests, which are more important to push them up to the places they have heard of.

2) Travelling can be for pleasure, for business, for relaxing body and soul.....Thus the whole family can enjoy touring the places with various modes of travel--short distances, long distances locally on carts,tongas,rickshaws,tourist vans/buses,trains and moving out of city the best are trains and planes, now covering most of the tourist places.

3) The above picture is of a mosque taken in low light...the sky was cloudy...still at 1/125 at f8 at ISO 100, I  managed to have details of the architecture and the camera facing lake.

For the curiosity, you may have for details, I hv done some pp, at the cost of losing some cloud and sky details, though the picture on top, as semi-silhouette is also looking picturesque.....Anyhow,when u travel anywhere, keep lens open and finger on shutter, ready to trigger.........Just try.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learn Photography--easy write-up on my pictures.-Closeup of Grapes.

In the first instance you may think, they are baloons....NO, you will reconize, it is so simple, the close up of grapes (Angoor khatte nahin, meethe hain)....You will know that most digital cameras use 'auto exposure' to set the appropriate level of light required for a subject....Therefore, it was not difficult for me to set my pocket camera on its 'prog' mode, where the camera itself selects the Shutter Speed and Aperture for a correct exposure. The result is before you. However, I did not forget to set the mode on 'closeup', indicated by a 'flower' near the LCD panel of the camera.....Brought closer to 3 cm to the grapes and took few shots....Thanks to its sensor, the colour rendering is almost Auto White Balance........It is closeup as well as macro photography....hahaha....the butterfly will be bigger than the grapes....You may have seen macros/closeups of butterfly and other insects........Just try.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catch Them Unaware........!

The guy is serious, since he is on his NCC duty.....I was standing close to him, there were others in the verandah...Under these situations, when a function is to start, it is not possible to give instructions or changing yourself from one position to another for a better angle.....Yeaa, this was a better angle to show his profile with his NCC cap and more importantly the feather, which helps make a photograph, important. This is his personality Portraiture is to take out the personality of a person from within.....The background was the morning sky...I was able to control the exposure on his face having good facial details...

You may find a full face, a three-quarter or profile, so better manage with lighting...outdoors, u are under controlled conditions, so better shoot changing your position, if the person cooperates, it is better, otherwise take photograph keeping him unaware....Later, u can show the picture to him on LCD panel.

Exposure: 1/100,f8, ISO 400, Manual mode of a DSLR.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Morning Scene with a 3D effect.

A three dimensional picture....count the layers, how many are subsiding in the background....If it is foggy in the morning, the picture gives a mystifying effect.....To make picture live, it is better to find out a place where people too become a part of the picture...The tree at left side is of great help, allowing viewer to find the distance easily helping him to judge the photograph more practically....that is adding scale to the scene....I did not draw the vignette effect here, otherwise a slight vignette effect will help the eyes come down on the centre of the picture, aesthetically....Such scene can be shot with any camera and add a beautiful picture to your album...Such type of scenes can become a part of the local or national competitions/exhibitions.

In the picture, you will find, viewers standing on the footpath, the small trees, big branch of a tree, then the nearest hill, adjoining the distant eerie effect hill with more fog on it, next the distant open sky with a slight pinkish effect on top, of the morning.......So visit such places and .....Just try!

Exposure: 1/60, f11, ISO 200.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Multi-image Filter

Is there more traffic or busy road....does it not look like that?.....However, many a time, the photographers are in the habit of keeping special effect filters in the camera graduated colour filters, multi-image filters, soft focus filters...And I feel they are used cleverly by them from time to time.....Here I tried my multi-circular image filter on one car....and u see the special effect the picture have---out of rut....Therefore buying these filters is good enough as long as u have desire to cultivate something new from your camera and imagination.....These are the experiments for which you get accolade from your photography circle.

I used kit lens on DSLR at 18mm (28mm -35mm equivalent)...1/125, f8, ISO 200..
The smaller aperture, u use, the better.
The data I have given will change according to lighting conditions.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Built-in or on-camera flash.

These little ones are from Excellent School.....Every school have their annual day programmes to bring out the hidden talents from the students....My intention is here to tell the use the built-in flash of your camera or an on camera flash on the hot-shoe. After introduction of DSLRs, I have seen many pro photographers stopped using on camera flash and use built-in camera flash, almost going nearer to the subject...Not a healthy trend,distracting their other colleagues...But some keep on-camera flash when it comes to distance from camera to subject.....THE LITTLE CHILDREN HAD SIDE-LIGHTING, which needed the use of on-camera flash....getting the faces well-lit and catch-light in their eyes, important to see liveliness in the eyes and thus good effect on the full face....The side-light mixed with flash made the hats brighter, thus keeping the subject away from the bg as well as a strong effect to their personality as small dancers, and contrasting well with  the whites on their frocks and socks There are many ways to use built-in/on-camera flash, but here I relate to this picture.......Just try.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Liking Contrast in pictures

This is other part of normal have a contrasty picture. It may happen in the taking stage itself....CONTRAST IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIGHT AND DARK....As is clear from the picture above that there is difference in gradation of skin tones...they are broken because of extreme highliht and dark areas.....This may be a personal choice of photographer to have a normal grade toned picture or lower toned (dull) or higher toned picture. Generally 99% photographers take photography in a normal way, but there are who like contrasty pictures....In my opinion this depends on the treatment of the picture, u have in mind before clicking. itself. Hard light at noon produce contrasty pictures in comparison to morning or evening when the light goes softer.....Yea....try overexposing your pic with one to two stops in the morning or evening as well.......and try to understand the picture urself.

 However before photoshop, with films it was easy to overexpose the subject and wash film in a contrasty developer and still there was liberty to print the image on a hard grade of paper.....The above pic was treated in photoshop with contrast,highlight and saturation tools. This gave different dimension to the picture, against otherwise normally exposed picture......Just try.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Theatre/stage Photography.

Generally stage or theatre photography is considered as a different sort of subject....because, here is the area confinement, lighting arrangement, artists' performance and overall pindrop silence for the audience, who have come through a long way to witness the programme, whether you or anybody photographs it or not, they are least concerned....Therefore a cautious photographer will have the opportunity of capturing good photographs.

2) For the photographer's concerned is the lighting system, that has to be kept in mind when using a camera without lenshood, the angle he selects,and tripod he uses. In plays/dramas, the lighting man change according to the mood of the scene. In dances, many organisers prefer changing colourful lightig on the dancers...that is to enhance or decrease the intensity of emotions, like Bharat Natyam, where facial expressions count as the artist expresses 'Navrasas' through her/his emotions.

3) The picture I photographed here had constant lighting on the whole of stage from spotlights U can see from the shadow, the lighting is from a series of spots in front and above the stage....Still they make changes in lighting, when a single performer enters r when a group of artists enter.......Just try..

Exposure: Kit lens-1/60,f5.6 and ISO 800.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Subject is inside,what you do....leave it? No..see below.

World is thoroughly of new things, new ideas, new thinking....and of repetitions....hahaha....Yes u can repeat the macro photograph of this creature with another angle and lighting.....Why I say lighting? Sorry, this was shot by the inbuilt flash of the camera and since the background is dark, there are few chances of gesticulation that it is taken by other light, rather than flash....Yea, if u find it during day time, you may have the possibility of shooting it with available light....getting the most natural look....But things do not happen always at your will.!!! So take advantage of the night time in the fashion I did, to capture the creature....We are more concerned of the time and the details your compact with macro facility can delineate, for which u can be proud of, showing the image to your friends, on the net, keeping in your album.....I found many people they keep an album of good subjects for an instant view, without feeling loadshedding, since their computer is off......Just try....!!!

SS 1/60, f3.5, ISO 100.