Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catch Them Unaware........!

The guy is serious, since he is on his NCC duty.....I was standing close to him, there were others in the verandah...Under these situations, when a function is to start, it is not possible to give instructions or changing yourself from one position to another for a better angle.....Yeaa, this was a better angle to show his profile with his NCC cap and more importantly the feather, which helps make a photograph, important. This is his personality Portraiture is to take out the personality of a person from within.....The background was the morning sky...I was able to control the exposure on his face having good facial details...

You may find a full face, a three-quarter or profile, so better manage with lighting...outdoors, u are under controlled conditions, so better shoot changing your position, if the person cooperates, it is better, otherwise take photograph keeping him unaware....Later, u can show the picture to him on LCD panel.

Exposure: 1/100,f8, ISO 400, Manual mode of a DSLR.

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