Sunday, April 8, 2012

Liking Contrast in pictures

This is other part of normal have a contrasty picture. It may happen in the taking stage itself....CONTRAST IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIGHT AND DARK....As is clear from the picture above that there is difference in gradation of skin tones...they are broken because of extreme highliht and dark areas.....This may be a personal choice of photographer to have a normal grade toned picture or lower toned (dull) or higher toned picture. Generally 99% photographers take photography in a normal way, but there are who like contrasty pictures....In my opinion this depends on the treatment of the picture, u have in mind before clicking. itself. Hard light at noon produce contrasty pictures in comparison to morning or evening when the light goes softer.....Yea....try overexposing your pic with one to two stops in the morning or evening as well.......and try to understand the picture urself.

 However before photoshop, with films it was easy to overexpose the subject and wash film in a contrasty developer and still there was liberty to print the image on a hard grade of paper.....The above pic was treated in photoshop with contrast,highlight and saturation tools. This gave different dimension to the picture, against otherwise normally exposed picture......Just try.

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