Monday, April 23, 2012

Travelling with lens open,finger on shutter...

It is a human nature to find out places for change.....You can understand...It relates to travel...the basic curiosity in the human being to explore new venues of interest... This cannot be done unless taken to travelling various places of your own or any other country....Yes to know more of the culture of the places, beauty the nature bestowed, besides the architectural interests, which are more important to push them up to the places they have heard of.

2) Travelling can be for pleasure, for business, for relaxing body and soul.....Thus the whole family can enjoy touring the places with various modes of travel--short distances, long distances locally on carts,tongas,rickshaws,tourist vans/buses,trains and moving out of city the best are trains and planes, now covering most of the tourist places.

3) The above picture is of a mosque taken in low light...the sky was cloudy...still at 1/125 at f8 at ISO 100, I  managed to have details of the architecture and the camera facing lake.

For the curiosity, you may have for details, I hv done some pp, at the cost of losing some cloud and sky details, though the picture on top, as semi-silhouette is also looking picturesque.....Anyhow,when u travel anywhere, keep lens open and finger on shutter, ready to trigger.........Just try.

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