Saturday, April 14, 2012

Multi-image Filter

Is there more traffic or busy road....does it not look like that?.....However, many a time, the photographers are in the habit of keeping special effect filters in the camera graduated colour filters, multi-image filters, soft focus filters...And I feel they are used cleverly by them from time to time.....Here I tried my multi-circular image filter on one car....and u see the special effect the picture have---out of rut....Therefore buying these filters is good enough as long as u have desire to cultivate something new from your camera and imagination.....These are the experiments for which you get accolade from your photography circle.

I used kit lens on DSLR at 18mm (28mm -35mm equivalent)...1/125, f8, ISO 200..
The smaller aperture, u use, the better.
The data I have given will change according to lighting conditions.

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