Monday, April 16, 2012

Morning Scene with a 3D effect.

A three dimensional picture....count the layers, how many are subsiding in the background....If it is foggy in the morning, the picture gives a mystifying effect.....To make picture live, it is better to find out a place where people too become a part of the picture...The tree at left side is of great help, allowing viewer to find the distance easily helping him to judge the photograph more practically....that is adding scale to the scene....I did not draw the vignette effect here, otherwise a slight vignette effect will help the eyes come down on the centre of the picture, aesthetically....Such scene can be shot with any camera and add a beautiful picture to your album...Such type of scenes can become a part of the local or national competitions/exhibitions.

In the picture, you will find, viewers standing on the footpath, the small trees, big branch of a tree, then the nearest hill, adjoining the distant eerie effect hill with more fog on it, next the distant open sky with a slight pinkish effect on top, of the morning.......So visit such places and .....Just try!

Exposure: 1/60, f11, ISO 200.

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