Friday, April 27, 2012

Street Photography - Cheerleaders.

When I saw this picture after shoot, on the LCD screen....the mind went to the cricket ground where you found cheer-leaders.....But strange enough, this looks like a gang......yeaa gang of girls, following or setting the modern trends....The front leaders are busy with mobiles.....Do u find any more with mobile...not seen....Yes u can count them----7 or 8?   They are eight. When you go out, you are certainly to find such street scenes....I enjoy this photograph, because, they are a bunch in the same fashion, not 1,2,3.........The glow of skin is important......! However, I am more afraid, when they run two wheelers, without check on speed.and unaware of the sides or back---other vehicles look like pouring in.....Girls be cautious!!.......So when u have camera in your purse, not miss to shoot it....they make good editorial pictures....and also for exhibitions....the red head in the last stops the eye to roam back and the line from her (see heads) goes in front and fixes on the first girl, who is in action with mobile...There is some space in front to move them forward. The girls with distracting colour dupattas are behind-green & our picture is made important by the six white dupatta clad girls supported by the two, green and red, in composition.

2) Camera zoomed at 200mm, Aperture priority, F3.5, 1/60, ISO 400---low light.

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