Monday, April 2, 2012

Subject is inside,what you do....leave it? No..see below.

World is thoroughly of new things, new ideas, new thinking....and of repetitions....hahaha....Yes u can repeat the macro photograph of this creature with another angle and lighting.....Why I say lighting? Sorry, this was shot by the inbuilt flash of the camera and since the background is dark, there are few chances of gesticulation that it is taken by other light, rather than flash....Yea, if u find it during day time, you may have the possibility of shooting it with available light....getting the most natural look....But things do not happen always at your will.!!! So take advantage of the night time in the fashion I did, to capture the creature....We are more concerned of the time and the details your compact with macro facility can delineate, for which u can be proud of, showing the image to your friends, on the net, keeping in your album.....I found many people they keep an album of good subjects for an instant view, without feeling loadshedding, since their computer is off......Just try....!!!

SS 1/60, f3.5, ISO 100.

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