Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Built-in or on-camera flash.

These little ones are from Excellent School.....Every school have their annual day programmes to bring out the hidden talents from the students....My intention is here to tell the use the built-in flash of your camera or an on camera flash on the hot-shoe. After introduction of DSLRs, I have seen many pro photographers stopped using on camera flash and use built-in camera flash, almost going nearer to the subject...Not a healthy trend,distracting their other colleagues...But some keep on-camera flash when it comes to distance from camera to subject.....THE LITTLE CHILDREN HAD SIDE-LIGHTING, which needed the use of on-camera flash....getting the faces well-lit and catch-light in their eyes, important to see liveliness in the eyes and thus good effect on the full face....The side-light mixed with flash made the hats brighter, thus keeping the subject away from the bg as well as a strong effect to their personality as small dancers, and contrasting well with  the whites on their frocks and socks There are many ways to use built-in/on-camera flash, but here I relate to this picture.......Just try.

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