Friday, April 6, 2012

Theatre/stage Photography.

Generally stage or theatre photography is considered as a different sort of subject....because, here is the area confinement, lighting arrangement, artists' performance and overall pindrop silence for the audience, who have come through a long way to witness the programme, whether you or anybody photographs it or not, they are least concerned....Therefore a cautious photographer will have the opportunity of capturing good photographs.

2) For the photographer's concerned is the lighting system, that has to be kept in mind when using a camera without lenshood, the angle he selects,and tripod he uses. In plays/dramas, the lighting man change according to the mood of the scene. In dances, many organisers prefer changing colourful lightig on the dancers...that is to enhance or decrease the intensity of emotions, like Bharat Natyam, where facial expressions count as the artist expresses 'Navrasas' through her/his emotions.

3) The picture I photographed here had constant lighting on the whole of stage from spotlights U can see from the shadow, the lighting is from a series of spots in front and above the stage....Still they make changes in lighting, when a single performer enters r when a group of artists enter.......Just try..

Exposure: Kit lens-1/60,f5.6 and ISO 800.

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