Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learn Photography--easy write-up on my pictures.-Closeup of Grapes.

In the first instance you may think, they are baloons....NO, you will reconize, it is so simple, the close up of grapes (Angoor khatte nahin, meethe hain)....You will know that most digital cameras use 'auto exposure' to set the appropriate level of light required for a subject....Therefore, it was not difficult for me to set my pocket camera on its 'prog' mode, where the camera itself selects the Shutter Speed and Aperture for a correct exposure. The result is before you. However, I did not forget to set the mode on 'closeup', indicated by a 'flower' near the LCD panel of the camera.....Brought closer to 3 cm to the grapes and took few shots....Thanks to its sensor, the colour rendering is almost Auto White Balance........It is closeup as well as macro photography....hahaha....the butterfly will be bigger than the grapes....You may have seen macros/closeups of butterfly and other insects........Just try.

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  1. Besides compositionally I selected three grapes...the balance is in the middle....two cud leave some, 3,5,7 makes a good arithmatic...haha.