Monday, June 24, 2013

Diffusers in photography....(post no.110)

Many a time, u feel the need to diffuse the light on ur portraits...this help getting even and shadowless lighting,unless u change the position of ur main light source....This is more useful with lamps and flash lights, which otherwise provide harsh shadows. Therefore in order to soften shadows the following will be useful:

TRACING PAPER: This is also called butter paper. Using this helps reduce the intensity of light sources, which u can check on ur LCD monitor and make necessary changes, if need be.

MUSLIN CLOTH: This also helps in diffusing the light when needed. With a warm light source, like lamps, it can even make the lighting look mellow.......Whenever using these diffusers, better keep them away from light sources, not to let them get heated.

TRANSLUCENT GLASS: Place a translucent glass in front of light source but at a slight distance. Avoid prolonged use of these diffusers.....change them to fresh ones as they are less heat-resistant...Even walls will work as light at them and get ur subjects seated to get the lighting u need, 2-3 feet away from them..........continue

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