Thursday, October 31, 2013

Food stuff photography. (post no.120) -Fried bread and curd.

If u are a hardcore photographer and keeps interest in many things, Food photography may be one of ur choice. There is no dearth of subjects, if u visit regularly some hotels, restaurants or may be a good cook urself. There are varied kind of arrangements of the food u choose. However u have to be cautious of the background, the only distracting thing in food photography. The simple/plane the best, since the attention of the viewer will be on the food stuff rather than other things.
 --Many photographers use many objects on which to place the plate but they are not distracting and cover very limited space, in order to highlight the main object i.e. the dish......There is a good word 'decoration'. That too be matching with the taste of the food staff, sour or sweet and shd be small in quantity placed at less important/vacant places so the beauty of the picture is enhanced.
--In the above pic, beside 'dhania' leaves and tomato, onion, green chilli, lemon stc can be added but to minimum possible.

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