Thursday, October 24, 2013

Angles in photography. (post no.119).

It is said by experts - TRY AS MANY UNUSUAL ANGLES as u probably can. From lying down on the floor to shooting top angles.

2. However, subject's position makes it deciding which angle u can use for the best output from a picture.
Besides, insisting on an angle may not be solution.....Right at the site of shooting, u shd have sufficient time to change ur positions for angles and/or may ask the person, place subject, on whom u can try different angles. As always, subjects are varied, many so powerful, demanding a solo position to shoot them from that particular angle.

3. For example, I take here Mumbai Bandra sealink bridge......There is a straight angle when u stand on the bridge, since traffic will not allow u to get changed to the premeditated angle. So u are constrained. However, when the traffic slows down, the angle u can approach is by sitting on ur legs....That will immediately take u to a different look from THAT LOW ANGLE, which was thus not possible.

4. Using ultra wide angle or wide angle lenses will give a more coverage and depth in the oncoming traffic, side of bridge, the view of sea, sky, clouds (if any), in night, reflection of lighting  in the sea.
ANGLES  greatly relate to lenses as well......................continue

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