Friday, July 12, 2013

Abstract in photography...(post no.112).

As in painting, many a times the abstract emerges close to realism, so in Photography too, the brain of Photographer tries to hold in it the part of realism, semi abstract, or total abstract images through his camera.Abstract imagery stems from a deeply personal space/taste. It makes it possible to communicate directly with the viewer....It is a virtual and continuous process of self-expression involved with hard work.

As u involve with this art, pl remember to shoot not what it looks like but what it feels like. This will include emotions, the inherent part of an aesthetic abstract image...

Using aperture: Many of the subjects needs to be shot with a small aperture, since it is repetition of elements or patterns throughout the frame that creates a sense of abstraction (as in the above photograph). On the other hand bokeh makes wonderful abstracts too. And here u will have to depend upon the bigger aperture possible.........................continue

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