Sunday, December 29, 2013

Still Life.......(post no.125).

With ordinary things, a still life photo can be made in color and b&w....In color still life, the placement of color object is important, more important is balancing the objects.

I cud fill the bowl with other vegs, but giving importance individually, they look separately is good....The bowl contains three colors vegs--red-orange, green cucumber and dark purple brinjal.....The last two colors are tolerable at their place but the attention is caught by red apple as in pictures, red is most strong color, giving strength, stimulation etc. Then naturally others get less vale in composition. However, to give balance to red I put the knife opposite the eyes naturally move out of bowl and knife looks ready to chop them off...Still I feel, for ur information, If I had red handle knife, that wud hv given competition to the apple.

It is still interesting to understand the basics of still life photography. Here I present b&w of above, that will go for more appreciation as monotoned pic having good in composition as there are no eye-holding colors. That is the difference in color and b&w photography. However, u decide urself,which one u like?

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