Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sunil Paul---At a programme in my town(post no.126).

It is a pleasure to photograph a celebrity like Sunil Paul, who recently visited our town in a programme. I had my compact in my pocket, went out to the stage and angled the camera towards him....He immediately snapped...'oh uncle aap photo kheench rahe hain'...I retorted...'I am a big fan of u and watch u on TV'....He felt rather obliged and said ''thank u, thank u'' and carried on his programme.

IN SUCH PROGRAMMES, THE LIGHTS ARE FIXED VERY  judiciously to highlight the artist and his surroundings....Here the spotlight at his left was nicely making a kick light and detatching him out of the background....Showing the guy behind was also important to let people know that there was a team accompanying Sunil Paul...

I hv taken several photographs of celebs, who were available to me. I mean without camera, I had not gone in any celebs programme, better stay at home. My first priority was to photograph the artist then give attention to his performance. 'He does his work and I mine' was my motto. Even I paid for tickets, but camera shd hang on my shoulder.

As the light at Sunil Paul's right face was low, as it looks here in correct exposure, I had to increase the ISO to 200, as I shoot on compact at its minimum. Raising camera above was also a problem of shake but I managed with the shutter speed at 1/30 and aperture f3.5 as I zoomed slightly. I took 3-4 shots as he changed his mood always differently. This was a good one, when he stopped awhile..............This can come under category ''portraiture'', as u hv some chance of cropping or if hv a stable support, zoom more and take individual shot.

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