Friday, January 17, 2014

Use of Soft Focus Filters....(post no.128).

My one friend got an old 135mm Canon lens with inbuilt Soft Focus filter. This is an effective portrait lens and a telephoto also in varied conditions, particularly outdoors. Regarding use of SF filter: This was the trend during film days to render flattering effect to the clients in portraits, particularly children and young ladies.

As a general definition, in SF, the light is spread out in the image, which is more evident in whites, covering the whole image,though.

Yes a slight OOF image was able to show the effect of soft focus. Though, the photographers in general never used it. They depended on soft focus filters, a white stretch of net cloth, star effect filters: on faces, flowers, scenes that had most of different kinds or single color flowers, still life, decorated lights in functions. As there was no post processing, as is, for example ''gaussian blur''tool in Adobe photoshop can be used to achieve SF effect. These effects cud range from subtle to the extremes of 'Fog' or 'misty' type of effects.

The trend is low now as I did not see a single soft-focused image of any kind in the many forums, since the photographers are not using on lens SF filters in studios or weddings(bridal & other portraits) so the public also remains unaware of the subtlity/beauty of the image, for which we got accolades in studio and marriage portraits. Second, if used, the clients do not understand and feel the image is not taken sharp. Therefore, on their part photographers too do not hv it as an imp accessory in their camera bags, as we had. Even in abroad sites in fashion, modelling, glamour the sharp images are preferred becoz of non-use of SF filters. SO TO DIVERT THE TREND IS NOT POSSIBLE. Only few interested photopersons use Soft Focus filter for special effect or just to give a different look to their image.

Since in digital sims, thousands of photographs can be exposed as opposed to 36 exposure films, u can use, reject the SF lens effects, unless the subject in ur choice most demands it or what sort of work u are doing in photography.
We cud find where to use SF Filters, as we did portraiture, bridal photography, photography for competitions. All in all, SF filter or lens has its own use but not in Industrial photography, wild life, photo-journalism, travel, monuments etc.

Simple thing is - if photoperson uses SF filters for special effects.......PEOPLE OR CLIENTS ARE NOT USED TO feel/understand....!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing has gone down history, as it seems to me.

A studio portrait of a child with Nikon soft focus filter.....The effect is wonderful in my view as I had a trend of shooting them in studio with SF filter, importantly the closeups, upto waist or knee level where faces had prominence.....The effect is seen enhanced in these shots, with 3D lighting... In full portraits I didn't use SF.

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