Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bird in action--see exposure and write-up.

Photography needs creativity as well as entertainment sometimes to get your mood fresh....That comes to what u now photograph or what you have already photographed, or what you are planning to photograph...hahaha...not long expectations....If you see this photograph, this is good at composition as a casual shoot, i.e. off centre....Yes, I was passing through this place and captured some good moments of this water-greedy creature.....They swim well and it is great to photograph them with water reflections....If you are creative and eager to learn, the ''middle of the road'' approach.....that is in saying---do not go practically but in thinking and capturing the mood of the picture....Going sideways will do, but not always, as you improve your technical skills.....Learning than mastering, the two approaches to the goals will make you fit to take great pictures.....

The bird was shaking its wings, and here high shutter speed will work well....If you go more slow, you can capture the wings not freezed but in motion (even at this shutter speed they show some motion-compare the face and wings, in sharpness)....That will make a good picture, if you hold your camera well and having a feather-touch shutter release,without blurring the bird.

Expo: 1/400, f5.6, ISO 200.

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