Friday, May 4, 2012

Still life - Grapes with transparent bowl.

When you see something usual, you do not go to photograph it, as u understand that this is a mundane subject....No subject is mundane....You treat it photographically....since it is all a play of light and shade....Yes good still life pictures can be made in home itself. There are a lot of things....If you have a light source, best....otherwise morning sun or evening sun at an angle can be used....Next, besides sun, soft objects can well be photographed under shade in verandah or any other place, camera mounted on tripod, if shutter speed goes slow.....There are good chances to use ISO 100 to 400....making the pictures in normal way or applying low key or high key lighting.....As in the picture, bowl looked important to me, therefore I wanted to show the top outline of this transparent bowl with the grapes spread out.

Light was low from a reflector, therefore, I exposed at 1/20, f5.6,ISO 400....WB ambient light.

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