Saturday, May 12, 2012

Centre of Interest in a Silhouetted pic.

Do you shoot without caring for some simple outlines of composition....As we get a cloth stitched for our dress, we are careful about its correct fitting-in case of shirts for men, we are conscious that the pocket should be at left, so we can take out the pen/diary easily by use of right hand, since there is sufficient space to move our hand to the left pocket, rather than having the pocket at right---right plus right is equal to difficult handling of things in right side pocket......

This photo I put up to let you have understand of focal point or centre of interest...For example, in the picture there is an empty boat, where the attention goes immediately, because there are other boats with people in them.....Here it is reverse, generally we expect empty boats and a boat with people in it to attract our attention....or even a single boat crossing the sunlight and you may say, wow what a silhouette also here is beautifully spreading of light onto the lake and people are enjoying boating, while we see an empty, haha, unfortunate boat with no passengers in it....that is the point....I explained both ways....You will more enjoy taking pictures in lake, river, or sea, making good silhouettes.

Expo: 1/4000, f6.3, ISO 800, Aperture priority.

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