Monday, May 14, 2012

Shooting at higher ISO.

Birds are generally be known as creatures of habit. This is particularly true during the breeding season, when they will be driven by impulses to come back to the same spot time and again....The bird photography is a part of nature and wildlife photography....I also have posted bird pictures here and this or any subject may come again with a different outlook.

However, if the birds are acquainted with the people and place, you can shoot them at 20 to 30 feet on trees/electric wires....Electric wires? Yes a common habit of these creatures as they are closer to tree branches......You need some study of their habits, if you see them in the morning and evening in localities. But give preference to bird's interests I mean not disturbing them. As you have longer focal length lenses on your camera it becomes easy.

As I captioned Shooting at higher ISO, IT APPLIES TO BIRD'S PHOTOGRAPHY, WHEN IN FLIGHT, particularly in evening low light, so you can use higher Shutter Speed to capture the bird as it arrives, or takes off, or in slow flight (to ease camera to focus and trigger)....As in the picture above the bird takes off and was more than 100 feet away from camera and sun was going down, I used ISO 1600. Though if you cover full frame with the bird, the noise is less disturbing, but when it comes to longer distance and cropping the bird to magnify higher ISOs, the noise will be  apparent in the picture. This is so because, using lower ISO and SS, u may blur the picture....I waited for this few minutes having the eye in the viewfinder looking each side of frame and, lo, as it took off, pressed the shutter....My intention, this may happen sometimes, not to miss picture at any cost, yes at the cost of grains and heavy cropping because of longer distances....The tree was nearly 60ft high....You can imagine, bird 60 ft  from ground and 100 ft away from camera and not to miss. At 1/2500 the wings are still faster....Handling on tripod was difficult as more one or two birds kept coming and clicking them too, but the wings are difficult to they cover the face of the birds while it is sheer luck to be trigger-happy...haha... to share with you people here...This is satisfaction.

Expo: 1/2500, f6.3, ISO1600, at 300mm.

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