Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ideas for pictures--do u lack? 'The Photographer's Curse' (post no.96).

Can you recollect, since how long your camera/cameras and lenses are lying on your shelf,cupboard.....You might have gone shooting  or snapped a few during last month or months before.....You recollect, how many frames have I exposed and for how long. Every time memory is not that much you need to see cameras' LCD screens....Oh my God, how long they are here, yet to be loaded in PC or laptop? How important these are and how can I forget?

THIS IS NORMAL OR NATURAL. All the time u cannot think on one subject when your daily schedule is so tight. Is there any place for photography? Yes - Can be! It is more refreshing when you see through your camera's viewfinder/LCD screen the more new subjects around you. There is street--children playing, going to school with heavier bags then children themselves, some cobbler, vegetable seller, street urchins, fast running vehicles, pedestrians with unusual dresses....the list is endless......However still u feel mundane.Then look at the season...It is not right today, yesterday it was foggy and day before yesterday it was hot and humid. You feel stuck at home.....This situation is generally called ''THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S CURSE''. HAVING ALL THE EQUIPMENT, BOTH MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ENERGY IS AT ur disposal but no INSPIRATION for picture ideas that hv not been done a hundred times continue.

Above pic is from my verandah--lamppost and was dull evening light....In slow shutter speed 1/5 and at f16, ISO 100, I zoomed in my zoom lens,rotating the zooming grip---it came out a different photograph......If u try this u will feel amazed at the results...BG shd be colourful and fully covering the frame,whenever possible. (next page---to come).

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