Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food Photography (post no.98).

Good food photography is the demand of the day...As with changing of times, the new recepies are being searched with hundreds of new items added every day. U can use home-made FOOD STUFF, from hotels, shops,bakeries, food competitions held every month here and there. The technique uses some good ideas of exposing eatables, food products.....It is now minimalist photography. That is not many things congested into one.

2) After choosing the item, u may be tempted to take a overhead shot.. That is not to be denied, as u are experimenting with ur techniques to give the best to customers or self-satisfying for further improvements. However, shooting on a level or just a few degrees above will give u a good angle. (As in the above photograph). Select a single item u wish to photograph. U can add props and they are best in the forms of ingrediants used in the foodstuff. (the photo above shows green 'dhania' leaves, tomato, green chillies with 'chutney', a good important part to taste the delicious poha vadas)....These items won't go with sweet dishes.....so using discretion will help getting good photos. There shd be SIMPLICITY in the decoration.

Using long focal lenses will help to emphasize on the subject, may be 200mm/300mm of prime tele or zoom lens, getting bg out of focus. This can be done in P&S cameras using their macro feature.
-A good tripod is always a good bonus, if u cannot manage in low lighting conditions HANDHELD or slow shutter speeds with lower ISO setting, light coming from north or south facing windows, in well lit room, verandah, side lighting, back lighting,even in a shaded balcony will give a diffused light (As I shot above in verandah.). Besides, experiment with differently placing the subject, using various type of lighting.will help u make a good FOOD Photographer.........to continue..(pl check older posts also).

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