Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Portrait with side lighting....the most imp aspect to enhance features .(post no.152).. )

Come to portraiture and u will enjoy more....Since photography is the management of light and shade, it depends for the picture to be outstanding, how u handle to bring or getup the mood of the picture.

2.A very very simple bur powerful does not make any difference that u photograph more of children or adults....They should represent the variety of light and shade, which will make a portrait different from one another----changing and handling the lights carefully, giving emphasis on every part of the face subdueing or enhancing the features.

3.....THERE ARE WAYS U get the light artificially or from nature.....In case of above, it is simple light from window at left, which provides less contrasty and soft light.

4....U can move ur subject all sides where the light suits according to ur requirement, sitting him/her on a stool. Since there is low light in homes, a sturdy support to avoid camera shake is necessary.....U can use tripod or improvise from some goods/hard/stiff material/beanbag to support the camera steadily.

5. Background is as important as the subject which I did here in photoshop to liftup the face and I feel I was successful in that. There are very important whites behind the guy which help lifting up of the face surrounding with dark areas of the frame......Do it urself and let me know.

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