Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Macro/closeup photography......(post no.171)

The only magic of MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY lies in usual objects appearing unusual....Such stamens will be found in different shapes in different flowers....but bringing them closure has its own charm, as we never see all flowers from stamen point of view, but in general looks.

I have already mentioned somewhere in other post about the gear used....However here I will take this as shot from a reversal ring......the kit lens attached to the ring from front. This allows going near to the objects.

Though macro photography looks extremely tough, requiring better technical knowledge., it makes us wonder anew. It brings out an exceptional level of detail and makes it easily visible, thus letting the viewer feel texture. Natural elements that have rhythmical and beautiful lines often help create lyrical emotion in this genre of photography......Macro photography has more human touch as the photographer remains in close contact with the object, using various angles constantly.

Being feeling close, observe the subject and ask urself what fascinates u. Isolate the most interesting aspect and find ways to highlight it. To the thing u are attracted, will certainly attract a viewer as well.

Remember, being closure the focusing may becomes difficult  Use tripod, some sturdy supports, beanbags to steady your camera, while shooting macros......If u hv an SLR, USE YOUR CAMERA'S MIRROR LOCK UP FUNCTION AND a shutter release cable  or self timer to prevent shake/blurs resulted by camera movement.

It is always better to use manual focus as it offers precision over which area of ur subject is in focus. Besides, manual focus system works quicker than auto focus system.............

Kathal's surface makes good patterned image. (one inch area of a Kathal fruit). Can be used as a pattern on a fabric.

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