Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flower Photography-Easy Steps...post no.175.

I have not seen my previous titles in this blog...As I continue posting, there are chances of repetition of photo headings......like flower here.
----I consider it the best angle for flowers if taken sideways......the flower has good contrast with its counterparts i.e. green leave, while the flower shows its pink tone......There is a good framing support to the main flower from top to below right, the it is well framed within the frame. Yes the other growing flowers may be bodyguards. 

The camera focused on flower and there were no distractions behind except some wall portion, which has become diffused because of some distance from the flower. 

The diffusion of background depends upon the aperture u are using in the camera. As is understood, the wider the aperture the more diffused is the background so vice-versa, the narrow is the aperture the more prominent will be the background. 

Distance also plays its part.....if the camera with bigger aperture is used, the background --say a distance of one feet will be more diffused in comparision of the small aperture with same distance, there may be some details in the back ground. This u have to decide, if u want a sharper bg or a diffused bg......Sometimes there may be some useful elements connecting with the subject, using small aperture will be a good idea. The smaller the aperture, the more depth of field and more the background objects gets clearer.

------------Here in this picture I used SS of 1/80, aperture f2.8 and ISO200......................jUST CHECK THESE BEFORE U START TAKING PICTURES.

ONCE, I BECAME PREY OF ABOVE HABIT OF NOT CHECKING THE CAMERA SETTINGS BEFORE ENTERING INTO THE ARENA SHOOTING FOR SELF........I started clicking, irrecspective of knowing the settings.......In half way, I found out in the viewfinder that I am a bit more engaged in objects, thus forgetting the settings....Then I awarely shot rest of the pictures and the previous picture, being at wider aperture gave more of the DOF than needed so I lost some of my best shots.....u cannot help TIME GONE CANNOT BE STRETCHED BACK......U CAN ASK any queries.

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